Backup Provided: Astro And Monstah Join SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons And Tactics Capital –  Having contributed vastly to the army, Astro and Monstah were invited to join SWAT leadership. How will this impact SWAT? Continue reading

Soaked In Victory: Monstah Leads WAP To Success

SNOW DRIFT, Wet Army Penguins Capital – With another war brewing for them, the Wet Army Penguins witnessed a new addition to their leadership. How did this induction impact the war?

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Intentions Unclassified: Secret Service Announces End of the 2nd Generation

DOWN UNDER, Secret Service Base of Operations – Just about two months following the army’s reopening, the Secret Service is closing its doors once more. What caused this resolution?

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TD999 and JoelFreak Depart from Secret Service Leadership

DOWN UNDER, Secret Service Base of Operations – After recently declaring war on Sidie’s Rangers, both TD999 and JoelFreak have retired from their positions in the army. With both having such a great influence over the army’s running, just how will Secret Service react?

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Conflict in the Outback: Secret Service Declare War on Sidie’s Rangers

Down Under, Secret Service Capital – Just weeks before the annual September Drop, the Secret Service finds themselves at war with Sidie’s Rangers. What was the reasoning behind the start of this conflict?

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JoelFreak Rejoins Secret Service Leadership

DOWN UNDER, Secret Service Capital – Following the reopening of Secret Service in the form of a second generation, the leadership team has opened its doors to a familiar face, JoelFreak. What will they bring to the table?

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