Rekindling: The Fire Warriors Return To The Community.

Hot Chocolate, Historic Fire Warriors Capital – With Christmas Chaos underway, the community witnessed an old friend return to the battleground. Who are the Fire Warriors, and what led to their return?

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The Flame Burns Out: Fire Warriors Announce Shutdown

Hot Chocolate, Fire Warriors Capital – Following their recent leadership changes, the Fire Warriors have announced their departure from the army community. What led to this surprising shutdown and what do the warriors have in store for the future?

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FW-GPA War Ends in Fire Victory

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The Fire Warriors and Golden Penguin Army war concluded yesterday with the Fire Warriors claiming Oyster and declaring victory. What events led up to this swift win?

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What Would YOU Do: Allies Troop-Stealing

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Sometimes, Club Penguin Armies don’t always go our way. Unexpected incidents happen and we may not always be prepared. So, for the first instalment in over nine months of What Would YOU Do, CP Army Network asks army leaders what they would do if they caught their ally intentionally troop stealing from them. Continue reading

Sweater Rejoins Fire Warriors Leadership as Simmonds Steps Down

CPAN Headquarters  Sweater has returned to the Fire Warriors leadership after one month out. What is behind this return? What can we expect from his future in the army community?  Furthermore, Simmonds has just retired from the army. Continue reading to find out what was behind this retirement and for Sweater’s own story. Continue reading