The Western Bloc Emerges: WV, SE and SWAT Form An Alliance

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – A new alliance known as The Western Bloc has emerged within the community. Who is involved and how did these 3 armies come to ally together?

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Not Drying Up: SWAT Declares War On WAP

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons And Tactics Capital – After witnessing an old war resurface, a new war is on the horizon between the Special Weapons And Tactics and Wet Army Penguins. What was the cause behind it?

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TheMightyA Bids Farewell from Golden Troops, Post Malone Army Faces Closure.

East Shoreline, Former Post Malone Army CapitalAfter we notice the end of the Fall Apart war, TheMightyA retires from the Golden Troops, and with it the closure of the Post Malone Army. What led to this happen? Continue reading

Mare Levitates from SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons and Tactics Capital – After leading for a year, Mare has decided to step down from leading Special Weapons and Tactics. What was the reasoning for her retirement and how will this affect the army?

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Origins of the Outfit, featuring the Templars

SNOW STORM, Myth’s Kitchen Cupboard – Greetings, and welcome back to another edition of Origins of the Outfit! This week, we’ll be taking a look at the holy origins of the Templars.

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Handing in His Badge: Firestar08 Retires from SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons and Tactics Capital – After eleven months of service leading Special Weapons and Tactics, Firestar08 has announced his withdrawal from the army. What does this mean for SWAT and the community?

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Legends Cup XI: Round One Review

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The first round of the Legends Cup has come to a close. Which armies advanced to the next round?

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The Newest Commando; Grace Promoted to SWAT Leadership

Mammoth, SWAT Capital – Following their rigorous war against the Templars, the Special Weapons and Tactics have decided to induct a new leader! After being an LiT in SWAT for quite a while now & putting much work into her army, Grace has been promoted to SWAT Leadership!

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Templars-SWAT War || Day 8-9 Recap and Results

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Following the invasions of Ice Shelf, Elevation, and Fiesta; the war between the Templars and SWAT has come to an abrupt end. What occurred to cause this war’s immediate end?

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What Would YOU Do: Allies Troop-Stealing

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Sometimes, Club Penguin Armies don’t always go our way. Unexpected incidents happen and we may not always be prepared. So, for the first instalment in over nine months of What Would YOU Do, CP Army Network asks army leaders what they would do if they caught their ally intentionally troop stealing from them. Continue reading