The Eclipse of Club Penguin Announce Shutdown

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The Eclipse of Club Penguin announce a shutdown shortly after the emergence of a war and an alliance. What led to this abrupt decision and what will happen next?

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Intentions Unclassified: Secret Service Announces End of the 2nd Generation

DOWN UNDER, Secret Service Base of Operations – Just about two months following the army’s reopening, the Secret Service is closing its doors once more. What caused this resolution?

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The Conquest Ends; Spartans Shut Down

SNOW FORT, Spartans Capital – Just one month after opening their Club Penguin Division, Spartans announced its shutdown. Though what led to this decision? Will they come back?
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The Wave Returns: Water Vikings Return to the Community

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – Little over three weeks ago, the Water Vikings sailed as they hit massive idleness in their army. Today marks the day the Vikings make the ultimate return to the community as they host their revival event. Continue reading

The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? Rishchamp from DW

Snow Storm, Hidden CPAN Staff Pizzeria – For this week’s edition of the Next Leader, we go back to our very first interview with the one, the only, Rishchamp. Where does one go from their home army shutting down?

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The Final Crunch: Doritos Say Goodbye to Club Penguin

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – Doritos announce an unexpected shutdown from CPArmies following their Bronze Medal from CPAHQ’s Project: Conquest. What led to this sudden decision? Continue reading