Backup Provided: Astro And Monstah Join SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons And Tactics Capital –  Having contributed vastly to the army, Astro and Monstah were invited to join SWAT leadership. How will this impact SWAT? Continue reading

Trojans Undergo Changes In Leadership

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network – In this uncertain period of war declarations and unexpected shut downs, the Trojans welcomed three new leaders to their leadership on October 28th. Exactly what led to this triple promotion?

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The Crusade Expands: Nick2015RB Promoted To Grand Prior

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Just yesterday, we saw the Templars leadership welcome Nick2015RB to the team. How will this addition affect the army?

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Shining Bright: Pink Cloud Promoted To Eclipse Commander

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The Eclipse of Club Penguin continues to shine bright as Pink Cloud recently received a promotion to Commander. However, with war looming around the corner for the newcomers, exactly what lies in the future of Eclipse?

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Misty Sails Back To Water Vikings Leadership

ICE BERG, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings recently saw a familiar face coming back to the leadership team. How will Misty’s return impact the Vikings?

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LEGOMAN Inducted as People’s Imperial Confederation Leader

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – Amidst wartime, the People’s Imperial Confederation has inducted Legoman as the newest leader. How will this leadership change affect the Golden Intelligence War? Continue reading

The Newest Commando; Grace Promoted to SWAT Leadership

Mammoth, SWAT Capital – Following their rigorous war against the Templars, the Special Weapons and Tactics have decided to induct a new leader! After being an LiT in SWAT for quite a while now & putting much work into her army, Grace has been promoted to SWAT Leadership!

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IceQueen Inducted as Newest Ice Warriors Leader

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital – Right after the Ice Warriors’ Invasion of Klondike, the Ice Warriors have decided to induct Elsa herself, IceQueen, as the newest Ice Warriors leader. Now leading alongside Iceyfeet1234, Erick, LawCorazon, and Kally, what can the Ice Warriors and Club Penguin army community expect from her and the army moving forward?

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The Wealth Grows: Simmonds Joins Golden Troops Leadership

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital- In what seems to be the last of the changes, the Golden Troops add yet another member to their leadership roster. Who could this new name be? What new intentions could they have for the army?

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Tia Promoted to Doritos’ Main Leader

SUMMIT, Dorito’s Main Capital – After Funky and Intrinsic’s quick retirements, the Doritos Leadership have decided to promote one of the most dedicated people in their community, Tia, to Leader. Leading alongside Phoenix, Rah, and Shira – What can the community expect from them?

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