Df44 Inducted As The Newest Silver Commander

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire Capital – Just a few days ago, the Silver Empire welcomed a new Silver Commander to the leadership team, Df44! What led to this decision?

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Misty Sails Back To Water Vikings Leadership

ICE BERG, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings recently saw a familiar face coming back to the leadership team. How will Misty’s return impact the Vikings?

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DrQueen promoted to Ice Warriors leader

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Last week, the army community witnessed the high command DrQueen get promoted to the Ice Warriors leadership. What led to this new addition to leadership? Continue reading

The Phoenix Rejuvenates with Fire Warriors Leadership Changes

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – This past week left many in shock after multiple leadership changes within the army. What led to these leadership changes? What will this bring to the Fire Warriors? 

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Sliding In: Real Joins Sea Serpents Leadership

SNOWBOUND, Sea Serpents Capital – Just within three months of their opening, the Sea Serpents witnessed a new addition to their leadership. Unlike the other leaders, Real is the first to be inducted as a Serpentine Commander. Will Sea Serpents be led to greater heights?

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Coming in Hot: Ugly Crowned New Fire Warriors Leader

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Captial – Following a recent retirement, the Fire Warriors have inducted Ugly as their newest leader. What will this mean for the Warriors?

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LEGOMAN Inducted as People’s Imperial Confederation Leader

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – Amidst wartime, the People’s Imperial Confederation has inducted Legoman as the newest leader. How will this leadership change affect the Golden Intelligence War? Continue reading

JoelFreak Rejoins Secret Service Leadership

DOWN UNDER, Secret Service Capital – Following the reopening of Secret Service in the form of a second generation, the leadership team has opened its doors to a familiar face, JoelFreak. What will they bring to the table?

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Passing on the.. Hard Rock Guitar? BaileyBear Steps Down, BoMoBuddy Steps Up

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – In a sudden turn of events, the Red Ravagers witnessed a huge change in leadership with BaileyBear stepping down and BoMoBuddy taking her place. What’s next in store for the Ravagers, and what can we expect from BoMoBuddy’s leadership?

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The Newest Commando; Grace Promoted to SWAT Leadership

Mammoth, SWAT Capital – Following their rigorous war against the Templars, the Special Weapons and Tactics have decided to induct a new leader! After being an LiT in SWAT for quite a while now & putting much work into her army, Grace has been promoted to SWAT Leadership!

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