CPAN Map Updates: August 15th – September 4th

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The army community witnessed some hectic weeks, with leaders stepping down, and new rising, armies leaving and joining, but, as always, the CPAN map stays as colourful as ever. The leaderboard has changed, as so has the map. Check out the post below to see what the map is looking like now.

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Park Service War: Day One Recap

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Capital – The first day of the Park Service War between the Secret Service and Sidie Rangers has just emerged, with an invasion taking place. Who came out victorious first battle? Continue reading

CPAN Map Updates: August 8th – August 14th

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Seven weeks after the CPAN World Map was introduced, the army community’s fiery desire to broaden their reaches still hasn’t died down. We saw some color changes on our map as a direct result of several invasions that transpired this week. Let’s see what our map currently looks like!

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CPAN Map Updates: August 1st – August 7th

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – Some colours have joined the map, others have left it, but one thing hasn’t changed, the armies’ hunger for territory. This week, we saw them fighting for lands and trying to expand their domains. Let’s check out how the map looks now.

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