Tia Promoted to Doritos’ Main Leader

SUMMIT, Dorito’s Main Capital – After Funky and Intrinsic’s quick retirements, the Doritos Leadership have decided to promote one of the most dedicated people in their community, Tia, to Leader. Leading alongside Phoenix, Rah, and Shira – What can the community expect from them?

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Pride Parade: How Did The First Community-Wide Event Go?

ASCENT, Community Pride Event Location – Little over one day has passed since the first ever community-wide event was held. The event, dubbed the “Pride Parade,” was to celebrate Pride Month 2021, and to celebrate the inclusion and success of all LGBTQIA+ individuals within our community. The event was held in conjunction with other media sites, CPA Headquarters, CPA Hub and the Shamrock Bulletin. What exactly happened during the pride parade, though? Continue reading