Slithered Away; Sea Serpents Announce Their Closure

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Recently this week, the Sea Serpents announced their departure from the army community. What led to this shutdown? Continue reading

Raging Seas War Day 2: A Serpent Victory

CPAN Headquarters – Day 2 of the Raging Seas War has come to an end. However, the war’s outcome has brought forth immense controversy surrounding it. The presented controversy revolves around Medieval Warriors’ leader Tasty, who was found guilty of multilogging by both the Sea Serpents and the Club Penguin Army Network.

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[BREAKING] Sea Serpents Declare War on Medieval Warriors

CPAN Headquarters – just over one month after its creation, the Sea Serpents of Club Penguin have suddenly declared war on Medieval WarriorsJust what led to this declaration of war?

Update 18/06/21 3:06 AM BST – We changed the picture for the Medieval Warriors opening event as it was held one day prior to the event picture we used. We also replaced Tasty’s comment with Ronaldo Vargass’ comment, as he had more to say about the situation.

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