CPAN Judging and Battle Review Policy

Ever since the end of World War Rewritten (WWR), Judges have been an integral part of CPA battles. However, a lot of times there’s uncertainty over what’s expected of Judges and what measures are taken to ensure that the judgement delivered by them is fair and just. To this end, we are formulating a Judging and Review policy that will be followed for all battles judged by CPAN affiliated judges.

Judge Selection

Army leaders can request Judges for battles or invasions in #judge-request. Judges will then ping the army leader to accept the battle or invasion.

  • Battles require 3 Judges unless it is a practice battle in which both armies agree to there being less.
  • In cases where 3 Judges cannot be organised in time, a Head Judge may take the place of two judges with consent of the army leaders involved.
  • An invasion of unclaimed land will only require one Judge.
  • An invasion of land from another army will be subject to the same judging requirements as a battle.
  • Up to 2 Judges-In-Training may be present as part of a judging panel, but they will not be able to vote on the outcome of rooms in a battle.
  • Army Leaders reserve the right to reject Judges, but not JITs as they cannot vote on the outcome of a battle. However, it is the responsibility of the Army Leader to deal with any consequences arising if this results in a shortage of Judges for a battle.
    • Army Leaders may reject up to 2 judges per battle. All rejections must be done at least 4 hours prior to the start of the battle. Rejections beyond this point will be deemed invalid.
    • If repeated rejection of judges results in insufficient judges being available for an invasion or battle, the battle will not go ahead nor will any invasion be valid until sufficient CPAN judges are accepted.
  • Judges for major tournaments will be designated by the CPAN board. If, however, an army is unhappy with the Judges chosen for a battle in which they will be taking part, they may discuss a resolution with the board. 
  • All potential Judges, unless they are able to prove relevant experience as a Judge in the past, are subject to serving time as Judge-In-Training until they have been deemed fit to become a fully fledged judge. 
  • In Battles

    • If a Judge’s ability to view and pass judgement on a room is impeded by lag, a frozen screen, being locked out, or loss of internet connection – the room in question should be rematched.
    • Abusive conduct by army members (without immediate action by the relevant army staff to stop it) toward Judges will result in forfeit by that army.
    • Abusive tactics or those which dox army members are subject to forfeiture of the battle in question. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Please follow the format shown below while requesting judges.

    Battling Armies: Army A vs Army B
    Number of Judges Needed: 1-3
    CPPS & Server: CPR Crystal
    Date & Time: 06/02/2021 8PM EST

    Battle Reviews

    If an army believes the outcome of a battle in which they took part to be unfair, they may request a review.

    • Battle footage is appreciated in ensuring fair review of battles.
    • Practice battles will not be subject to as rigorous a review policy as they are not of significant consequence. 
    • A battle review will consist of the following:
      – Appointment of a review panel to review the battle
      – Discussion with relevant army leaders and receipt of an account of the battle
      – Review of battle footage
      – Discussion with the Judges of the battle
      – Conclusion of the review panel
    • Review Panels will consist of Head Judges and/or members of the board/administration.
    • Army Leaders reserve the right to reject members of the review panel and will be informed of the panel members before the review process begins.
    • If a battle result is overturned, relevant armies will be offered a rematch.
    • If, and only if, both armies refuse a rematch, the review panel as well as the army board will draw a conclusion on the battle verdict.
    • If Judges involved are deemed to have failed in their duty in some way, they are subject to being asked to re-train, or, in extreme circumstances, dismissal from their staff position.


    CPAN Head Judge