Top Ten Armies of 2021

Snow Storm, CPAN TT’s Office: As we depart from 2021, we take a look at this last year in the army community. Since CPAN was established, we have witnessed the closure of armies, the debut of many more, wars, alliances, tournaments and community events. The Top Ten has observed some of its most chill weeks and some of the biggest rollercoasters yet. With the first year in the HTML era over, this is what the Top Ten shows. Without further ado, let us present the Top Ten Armies of the Year, 2021 edition. Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: [8/22/21]-[8/28/21]

SNOW STORM, CPAN’S TT Office – This week the army community has been in turmoil. The famous storm, September Drop has made its appearance in the army community, putting many armies in panic. What are armies doing today to keep themselves alive on the top ten board? Read more below to find out.

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Fight the Bad! 》Underground Mafias’ Return to the Army Community

MITTENS, Underground Mafias Capital It’s been about 7 months since we have last seen action from the Underground Mafias, but wait no longer! The Underground Mafias have officially returned to the Army community as of July 16th, when they attempted to invade their old capital, Mittens, for the new generation.

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The Flame Burns Out: Magma Clan to Shut Down Indefinitely

CPAN Headquarters – just one single month after its creation, the Magma Clan finds itself in an indefinite state of closure, what exactly led to this sudden decision?

Update 18/06/21 2:38 AM BST – The interview with Lukey has been complete and added just before the post ends.

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