Trojans Declare War on Wet Army Penguins

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – On October 3rd, the Trojans declared war on Wet Army Penguins. What caused this declaration to happen? Click continue reading to find out more.

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BREAKING: Untitled Army Game Announced

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The development of the Untitled Army Game, a new army-based CPPS has been announced. What led to this announcement and how will it affect the future of Club Penguin Armies?

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Administrative note regarding Sidie’s Rangers

Last week the Secret Service, declared war on Sidie’s Rangers, with the intention of having a small scale conflict before the “September drop” kicked in. The Secret Service led by DMan64w started off the war with a 3-0 victory over SR. However, in a surprising turn of events, the People’s Imperial Confederation who colonized Sidie’s Rangers decalred war on their colony because a leader of SR, an individual who goes by the screen name Mansionz, criticized PIC leaders for their new alliance with the Templars of Club Penguin as shown in the picture below (screen grab from PIC’s war declaration)

Edit: As more information has come to light, this post has been modified to reflect new information

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Legends Cup XI Semifinals Times and Information

The quarterfinals of the Legends Cup XI concluded last Sunday and saw the Top seeded armies advance to the semis. The armies to make it to the semifinals are Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Help Force and Templars of Club Penguin. The schedule for the Legends Cup XI Semifinals is provided below,

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Legends Cup XI – Round 1 Times and Information

Unlike previous iterations, this year’s Legends Cup is unique, in that it is organized by leaders of the army community rather than a league or media organization. However, CPAN will cover this year’s Legends Cup, aka LCXI, by providing in depth reviews, predictions and so much more. LCXI will feature 4 rounds over a period of 4 weeks starting on Saturday, July 24th. It will feature a total of 14 armies. LCXI will feature 1v1 battles, wherein the winner advances to the next round. Continue reading

CPAN Administrative Statement Regarding Legends Cup XI

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Legends Cup XI Announcement

At CPA Network, we’re proud to preserve and carry forward the rich legacy and heritage of CP Armies. Started during the days of CPA Central, every summer, there would be a much awaited, hotly contested tournament that would attract armies both big and small to prove beyond doubt, that they truly were the undisputed champions – The Legends Cup. Throughout its ten iterations, only three armies have won this tournament namely, the Ice Warriors, Nachos and Rebel Penguin Federation. This June, as a part of our exciting Summer @ CPAN initiative, we will be hosting the 11th edition of the Legends Cup i.e. LCXI

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Pride Month 2021: Community Pride Parade Announcement & Information

Happy Pride, everyone! It’s June 1st, Pride Month has officially arrived, and the CP Army Network will be co-hosting an exciting Community Pride Parade this Saturday, June 5th.

Update: We have been in contact with CP Rewritten Developer Gravix to gain official permission for the entire army community to be on the same server for this Parade. The discussions are looking promising and we hope to have confirmation soon!

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Summer @ CPA Network

We have entered the most exciting time of the year! School’s out and everybody is ready for a good time. This summer we have a lot of fun projects planned for the CPA community so buckle your seatbelts and get ready!

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CPA Network Official Opening!

Hello CPA Community!

Today marks the official opening of our brand new league: CPA Network. We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to bring the community a brand new league and today will be the opening. There may be a lot of questions about how this league will work and we will be answering all those questions in this post.

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