The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? LawCorazon from IW

Snow Storm, CPAN Reporting Lounge – In this week’s edition of The Next Leader, we catch an interview with LawCorazon, a current leader of the Ice Warriors. What has the blue army been up to under Law’s leadership?

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Reinforcements en Route: Toxic Storm Joins the Secret Service Leadership

EDIT 28/06/2021, 8:07 PM BST – After approximately 23 hours of leading the Secret Service, Toxic Storm has been removed from the leadership in a coup d’état. Though there was no official reasoning, it’s not entirely unwise to assume this was to do with the troop stealing allegations placed upon them just an hour before the removal by the Special Weapons and Tactics’ leaders. You can view the announcement here.

Snow Storm, CPAN Headquarters – Just five days away from the launching of the Secret Service’s second generation, we see a familiar face in the form of Toxic Storm rejoining the leadership. What led to this decision and just what can we expect from Toxic Storm’s return?

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CPAN Rules For Invasions and Defenses

The following rules apply for all server invasions involving the CPAN Map

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Top Ten Armies [6/20/21-6/26/21]

Snow Storm, CPAN HQ, TT Office – As this week marks the beginning of summer, we see five new armies join the Top 10 board. The competition for #1 remains as alive as more troops proceed to enter their summer break, allowing for an increase of size points for some armies. Read down below to find out this week’s Top 10 Armies scores.

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Raging Seas War Day 2: A Serpent Victory

CPAN Headquarters – Day 2 of the Raging Seas War has come to an end. However, the war’s outcome has brought forth immense controversy surrounding it. The presented controversy revolves around Medieval Warriors’ leader Tasty, who was found guilty of multilogging by both the Sea Serpents and the Club Penguin Army Network.

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Water Vikings Announce Temporary Shutdown

CPAN Headquarters – The tide is low, and Water Viking Legend Kingfunks has announced a temporary shutdown. Though what exactly led to this decision? And when can we expect them to come back?

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This Week in CPA History: the Restoration of Mammoth

CPAN Headquarters – Welcome to the second edition of CP Army Network’s “This Week in CPA History”, where we review important events in Club Penguin Army History. This week, we will cover the Mammoth Restoration Project, which gave armies a necessary boost in June 2015.

This Week in CPA History gfx

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The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? Kehato from PZF

CPAN Headquarters, Reporting Lounge – In the second edition of “The Next Leader: Where Are They Now” we catch up with Kehato from the Pizza Federation. What have the chefs been up to?

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Sweater Rejoins Fire Warriors Leadership as Simmonds Steps Down

CPAN Headquarters  Sweater has returned to the Fire Warriors leadership after one month out. What is behind this return? What can we expect from his future in the army community?  Furthermore, Simmonds has just retired from the army. Continue reading to find out what was behind this retirement and for Sweater’s own story. Continue reading

The Raging Seas War: Day 1 Recap

CPAN Headquarters – Day 1 of the Raging Seas war has come to an end, and we take a look back at the first battle between the Sea Serpents and the Medieval Warriors. With both armies showing similar sizes, which one came out on top?
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